COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Updates

March 20, 2020 at 4:00 pm CT

Our executive leadership continues to monitor both the global and domestic situations closely and is in ongoing discussions with the Ignite International Board of Directors as we navigate together through these unprecedented times and uncharted waters.

1) Since 2003, Ignite International has a 100% safety record - we are proactive and second only to the impact of our ministry efforts, safety and security of our participants has always been our highest priority.

2) We are vigilant in being informed and in broad communication - our leadership watches every word of every White House Task Force press briefing; is in dialogue across the spectrum in your destination; monitors state and local agency reports in the USA; will communicate with team leadership as the situation merits discussion and/or appropriate decisions.

Thank-you for your patience as this is a new, unexpected and unprecedented time for all of us - bringing with it unprecedented impact by any and every decision that is made. We appreciate your prayers in that regard, as you and your loved ones are also in ours. We are in this together.

March 17, 2020 at 8:30 am CT

At Ignite International, we understand that many people are concerned about the Coronavirus. As with any updates of importance to our teams, we keep you informed regarding any impact on our trip!

Obviously our nation and global community are walking through uncharted waters and an ever-changing crisis. As such, we will appreciate your understanding that we cannot facilitate individual calls, emails, questions, etc. We will communicate directly with team leadership pertaining to Summer 2020, and we certainly are prayerful with regard to decisions if and as the situation unfolds.

At THIS TIME decisions would be premature for late summer trips.

To explore which countries have already reported cases of the Coronavirus, the best resource for all of us is the official CDC website is the best resource. You can find this information by clicking here:

Whether your group is planning a trip to a location that does or does NOT have confirmed cases of the Coronavirus, we are proactively in constant and continuous communication with our partners on the ground, as is our standard Ignite International practice regarding any situations of potential concern.

If your group is planning a trip to a location that DOES confirmed cases of the Coronavirus, it does NOT mean that you need to cancel your trip. Again, as with any situations of political unrest, natural disasters or in this case health crises, we are highly proactive and deeply engaged in regular communication with our partners on location for the most accurate guidance and updates.

Ignite International leadership is closely monitoring information on a daily basis from the CDC, the World Health Organization (WHO), and the U.S. State Department.

Ignite International will inform you if there are any specific advisories or news updates about your destination that would have a reasonable effect on your team.

To learn more about the Coronavirus from any of these sources, please refer to the links below.

CDC Wesbite:

World Health Organization:

U.S. State Department:

  • By selecting your destination country in the search box, you can find nation-specific updates.
  • The State Department website provides travel advisories which we monitor constantly.

Since 2003, Ignite International has a 100% safety record. We are exceptionally connected with a variety of partners in each of our primary locations of service, and we are kept very closely informed from the highest levels of national sport leadership, educators, NGO leaders, hotel and restaurant owners and leaders of other ministries. We seek a broad base of input and we adhere to the advice of our partners IN the destination we will serve. Not one time have we ever NOT received consensus updates, not one time have updates not been unanimously in agreement, and not one time have we ever overstepped advice from our local partners.