South Africa

The principles of sport can turn setbacks into comebacks, for one and for a nation.
August 2007
Our 2007 trip to South Africa outreach trip took us to the beautiful city of Cape Town. It was there that we befriended Anne Siroky. one of the best beach volleyball players in South Africa's history South Africa's 2007 Woman of the Year for her humanitarian efforts. In the midst of the lingering effects of Apartheid, our team assisted with a feeding program, conducted volleyball clinics and served at an event to bring hope and resource for the community at the largest informal settlement in Cape Town.

Hearts were broken in our visit to an orphanage for HIV babies. The attendant's words remain haunting as she urgently requested that our team play with the babies but not hold them. She explained they felt it is better for these babies to not ever know love than to know it for a short moment and then have it taken away - a heartbreaking realization of innocent lives intentionally never shown love, and a reminder of its urgency.

Through the platform of sport, we encourage opponents at exhibition games, as well as through partnership with a community youth program with local leaders empowered to teach basic sport skills and equipped to apply both eternal and practical principles.
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