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Hope is best served in person.
Presents can never replace presence.
Holy Land | Jamaica | Nicaragua
Be a difference-maker in a life, a community, a nation.
Go global with us and ignite hope! You'll never be the same!
Customized trips and additional locations are DEFINITELY possible! Just ask us!

What You Can Expect
We don't do "cookie cutter".
Every trip is customized, every event is personal.
Hope is best served through presence over presents.
Friendly Games
A team schedule will include skill-appropriate friendly games and/or training with local athletes *varies by group, skill level and location
Sport Clinics
You and/or your team will help national federations and sport entities develop their sport through skills training clinics.
Speaking In Schools
You will have opportunities to share assembly programs, small groups per classroom, or special events. The Ignite leadership will coordinate topic requests with each school in advance.
Programs for At-risk Youth and Adults
We go far beyond the athletic field or court to serve centers for juvenile offenders and addicts, protective homes for females, youth empowerment and ministry programs, and much more.
We serve programs that provide meals and essential needs for both children and elderly. You'll assist in serving the meal, engaging in customized, interactive activities to deliver hope.
Cultural Exchange
Sometimes same is best found in different. Embracing our differences is a significant step in establishing relationships on common ground. You will gain lifelong friends, and connect your faith with your passion for sport and your love for humanity.
On the island of Jamaica, not much larger than Connecticut, tens of thousands of children and adults live in court ordered homes, afflicted by societal violence.
Through the platform of sport, we ignite Hope.
Our teams gain instant rapport through the universal platform of sport, a common language, opening the door to deliver the message of Hope.
Friendly games create opportunities to share the message of Hope with audiences of hundreds or thousands. Through the common love of sport, they listen. Through relationship, we ignite cycles of hope.
As an individual or serving with your team, our constant prayer is "May we never be the same." That prayer has been answered every single time.
In the heart of the most conflicted region on earth lies opportunity. Through the common language of sport, we elevate youth, empower girls and young women and strengthen those living in marginalized communities. We ignite hope!
Why Choose Ignite?
"Everything is planned, we don't have to worry about getting anywhere at any time, it's just been amazing!" ~ Andrea H. | Coach

"This trip changed my life!" ~ Joel R. | Soccer Athlete
Every Detail Handled
If you want to make a massive impact without a massive headache, Ignite is a perfect match for you. Our proven, decades of expertise will enable you the individual to fit right into a system that delivers hope. For you the coach, you'll finally experience the impact WITH your athletes, while we handle the heavy lifting of logistics.
A Vast Network
Since 2003, Ignite International has organically grown a web of relationships that includes national sport federations, Olympic committees, and numerous values-based NGOs who provide developmental, educational, protective and correctional services. Whatever the focus of YOUR specific trip, we customize the itinerary to provide an effective impact and an outstanding and life-changing experience.
Personalized Approach
For us, there are two equally significant effects of an Ignite Service Opportunity: what happens through you, and what happens in you. The former determines the impact you leave there. The latter determines the lasting impact are you return home. Our constant prayer is: "May we never be the same." We've seen it's reality again and again.
Established Relationship
You'll feel like family before you even arrive, because we live every day connected with the people you will serve. Across the street or across the globe, we invest ourselves in the lives of individuals, the success of teams, the impact of our collaborative partners. Excellence is our standard, relationship is our method. Get ready to meet your family!!
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Let's GO!
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