Holy Lands

We ignite hope in a region of conflict
where Peace was born.
Since 2009, Ignite International has become a uniquely positioned force of influence throughout the Holy Land by empowering marginalized girls and young women through the platform of a competitive sport experience. Rooted in the common language of sport and humanity, our partnerships transcend the divisions of media, politics, societal norms, and even religious rhetoric. For us, it's not about politics, it's about people.

You can ignite hope for the next generation of young women who will be the primary influence on the future of this conflicted region through Ignite International.

"Our team and our players are going to come away changed people, and that's the bottom line for an organization like Ignite is to change people's lives." ~ Kevin & Andrea Hudson - Ignite Coaches and Supporters
What Others Say
Andrea and Kevin Hudson - Ignite Coaches and Supporters
Honey Thaljieh - Manager of Corporate Communications, FIFA
You can ignite hope in the Holy Land. Go with us! Or join our support team.
It's not about politics, it's about people!

Judy Fox ~ President, Ignite International