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Ignite International mourns loss but honors

the life, memory, and legacy of Michelle Miranda

"Thank you for giving us the way that we can reach our peers who will never step foot in a church. You're giving us the way to share the same message...and they will listen."
~ Michelle Miranda ~
Nicaragua National Volleyball Team

It was June of 2004, Ignite International's second team overall, and our first to Nicaragua. It was the first volleyball group to EVER visit Nicaragua from the USA, a small group to fulfill the promise I had made to Mama Nubia Baltodano a year prior. "I will bring athletes and we will help you take your city and your nation." Although I could certainly see the vision and I knew it was big - I had no idea then how God was going to use Ignite International in Nicaragua and a dozen nations.

The individual impact on person after person after person after person.

By the thousands. Amazing.

Sidebar: If you've ever heard me tell stories of Nicaragua (or anywhere for that matter), you should understand that woven between what I tell, there are volumes of deeply moving personal stories NEVER told because I will not be that person who shares other people's "stuff" in the name of "updates" or "newsletters". And most certainly will not as a "prayer request" (palatable word for gossip in the American church) or to raise donations, though these stories would. My conviction has always remained firm - private is private whether "they" would ever know or not. Integrity is integrity. Trust matters. Hearts are not products to be sold. Personal journeys are not marketing props. I'll leave it to others to feel ok doing that. Not Ignite.

We only had 5 in that first group, so the Nicaragua National Team "loaned" us three players. Michelle who is #3 above was among them. She was the setter and an educator - hilariously fun, a laugh that is larger than life, and a smile that never ends. She was favorite!

Michelle played with us, translated for us, made sure we knew everything we should and should not do - these were in our "B.C." days which seem nearly impossible to remember sometimes. "BC" being "Before Claudia" Baltodano became my voice, right arm, half my brain, GPS, external hard drive, and truly an extension of me to the people of this nation we love. But before Claudia was Michelle. Read Full Story...